On The Road

Artwork by Evgeny Lushpin
Rain fall is the sky's cry, 
soaking us as we say goodbye. 
The brisk chill in the air

feels like it touches my heart as tears fall from their stares. 
I hear the hum of a packed running car, 
awaiting to take me on a journey afar. 

Time slows while on this busy road 
burdened by the hefty loads that it bestows, 
like the one carried by this troubled soul's heavy heart
since our too fresh depart. 
Restless mind like this road becomes twisted, 
no matter how much I resisted. 

I try to quiet these anxious thoughts, 
but peace seems to be in boycott 
and in its place paralyzing fear, 
like my grip on this wheel that I steer, 
tightening its hold on me
until I forget how to breathe. 

My God, let courage take hold, 

and in this moment let me feel bold. 
Silent prayers between deep gasping breaths 
give me strength to scare away what feels like impending death.

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