Artwork by Pascal Campion
Another restless night, 
She wipes away sleep from her eyes, 
the ghostly howl of the wind outside 
echoes in the eerie silence solitude provides. 

An empty apartment, 
like the heart to which it belongs.
it was once filled full of song, 
a delightful sanctuary. 
But in it now she is no longer merry, 

and in it now her troubles no more she can bury. 

Tonight the time passes her by, 
and she wonders when it all went awry. 
lying awake under the light of the moon, 
as the sting of regret slowly consumes, 
quietly hoping the feeling will fade soon. 

But when she closes her eyes, 
she can’t help but agonize. 
over memories immortalized. 
Reliving until she’s blue, 
Every moment she can’t undo, 
every word she can’t unsay. 
so awake she'll remain until the light of day.

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