Artwork by Hyocheon Jeong
I don’t know how to tell you this 
but you suffocate me. 
I don’t know what’s broken between us 
if it’s you or if it’s me. 
I just know that I love you 
but I need space. 
I forward your calls multiple times a day.
How could you possibly have so much to say?
It might sound weird to you 
but I actually like being alone. 
Silence is comfortable for me,
a nice change from the all noise I always had at home.
If I don’t call 
it’s not because I don’t care, 
it’s just because I have nothing to say.
So could you please
quit trying to make me feel bad for being me?
Because I can’t help but be this way,
and if that makes me selfish,
well then that’s okay.
All I know is this,
the more you pull me, 
the more I’ll push you away.

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