This is not a poem.

Artwork by Yaoyao Ma Van As

January 31, 2019

My husband works in “over-the-road” freight transportation. As a result, he spends several weeks away from home at a time. I’ve had him home this past week which always takes me some getting used to. A few nights ago, I fell asleep in our bedroom while he stayed up in our office to play computer games with some friends. He came into our bedroom in the middle of the night and since my dog, Levi, and I are so used to being alone, things got a little out of hand. Levi got into attack mode and began snarling and barking at the presence standing in the darkness. I awoke to my growling dog and an unfamiliar, dark figure standing over me and pretty much screamed bloody murder. My husband quickly grabbed me and gently shook me completely awake from my sleepy stupor. He hugged me close and softly shushed me to ease my nerves –reminding me over and over again in a quiet whisper that it was just him and to remember that he was home this week. It might sound silly now but it was actually a very scary moment for me. Jonathan confessed to me it was heartbreaking that I am so used to being alone that I was unable to recognize his presence in the night. I just thought I would share one of the struggles of spending so much time apart when you are married.

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