Always Remember

Artwork by Margarita Zhirkova
The alarm clock sounds off, 
but not for long.
Have I ever told you 
that I admire the way you never hit the snooze button?
It is so early that even the sun is still at rest.
You pull me in close 
for one last warm embrace 
before you leave me cold 
when you pull away to start the day. 

The light you turn on from the bathroom bothers my eyes.
A squint, a groan as I turn away 
and bury myself under the covers.
I am still not ready to face the day.  
Let me remain in my sleepy stupor a little longer. 
Your scent lingers on our sheets,
and it gives me too much pleasure to fill my lungs with it. 

I overhear you start the water 
And I begin to feel the tiredness slowly creep out of my limbs. 
You quietly make your way over to the bed
and lean over me to whisper in my ear…
“You should join me.”
While slowly beginning to undress me.

I sit in between your legs in our oversized bathtub.
Your lips pressing gentle kisses on my back
as we soak in the steaming water. 
I can’t help the smile on my face 
when I feel so well loved by you.

All I know is that in this moment, 
I feel… complete. 
I feel… happy. 
I hope to always remember us this way.

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