Friendly Stranger

Artwork by Yaoyao Ma Van As
Sometimes I wonder when it happened,
the moment when we changed.
I must have been distracted
not to notice how we've become so estranged. 
It doesn’t seem like it was so long ago,
when your conversations filled the gaps of my day. 
I guess I thought you’d always be there,
I never thought to ask you to stay.

Over the course of the years,
we have taken turns extending olive branches.
Though our conversations these days
are not what they were then. 
We’ve grown up and so far apart,
it seems hard to believe now
you were once my favorite friend. 

You knew me back when I was a younger me,
the one that made a lot more mistakes. 
Our friendship saw me through some dark times,
you made sure my spirit didn't break. 
I don’t think you ever truly realized the full extent
of all that you did for me and what it meant.

We are strangers now,
but do you think I might somehow

in the person you are today
recognize a glimpse of my dear old friend?
I miss her sometimes,
and I just wish I could say hey. 
I promise not to ask her to stay for long,
just enough to try and right old wrongs. 

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