The Way You Look At Me

Artwork by Yaoyao Ma Van As
my forced smile
it fooled the others
but not you
my eyes gave me away
you said

the way you looked at me
for a few seconds my breath catches
at the back of my throat
you are peering into my soul
stop doing that 
i really wish you would 

the way you look at me
it breaks my heart
terrified that one day
i will take a great big fall 
from that pedestal you keep me on

you will realize 
that i am not 
as good 
as kind 
or as honest 
as you think i am 

on that day
you will stop looking at me 
the way you do now
a thought that devastates me

that doesn’t seem to worry you though
you insist
that you are the only one
who sees me for who I really am

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