East Texas Summer Day

We are ever-changing
An East Texas summer day
The only thing consistent about us
Is how inconsistent we can be

Sometimes we are a perfect thunderstorm of emotions

We see our fair share of rain

Loudly making our voices heard

The power of yours shakes me at my core

In a way that not a whole lot does anymore
A reminder
That I am not all that different
From these woodland trees towering all around us
Majestic and beautiful as they may be
Even they quiver when these Texas skies sound off
with a mighty thunder reminiscent of the Lone Star spirit

You and me
We can both be
Leaving behind us a path of destruction
A mess left for us to clean up tomorrow

But sometimes we are a cloud-free, sunny day

Illuminating all the dark in one another’s worlds

You cultivate life in the places in me that were once barren

Oh my sunshine
I sing for you on these sunny days
Under your green thumb I have bloomed
Look how magnificently I flourish 
when your light radiates down upon me

I’ll have you know
I wouldn’t change any of it
May we always be 
an East Texas summer day

Because without the rain
And without the sunshine
These woodland hills wouldn’t be 
as lush and scenic as they are today. 

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