Artwork by Pascal Campion
I still remember that night 
and the way that you made me feel.
The words that were said 
cannot be unspoken.
You broke something within me 
when their sound hit my ears, 
and their sting reached my heart.

Now they are a toxin inside of me, 
making me sick as I succumb to it.
My body writhes in resistance 
trying to force it back out.
Like a venom flowing its way up my esophagus, 
but it’s stuck in the back of my throat 
and I choke on it 
as I try to pry open my mouth.
I fight to spit the words out 
like the poison they are to me.

But I cannot seem to get it all out. 
and with each second that ticks by, 
it soaks in my insides a little longer
pumping into my bloodstream, 
slowly intoxicating me. 
Robbing me of myself 
as their delirium consumes me. 

The death that they bring, 
it won’t come quick.

It will linger.
It will hallow me out. 
It will shrink and shrivel me. 
It will destroy me quietly.

But I think I always knew you were the kind of toxic that could kill me. 

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