A Caffeinated Writer

A whistle sounds off from the stovetop,  and the aroma of coffee overwhelms me as I pour myself another espresso.  Caffeine is worth gold in my home,  so my clumsy hands are careful not to spill. spill like the stories trickling down from my fingers, late at night when I am overflowing,  covering white spaces…

Night Owl

Half past five.I have never been known to be good at goodbye,perhaps that is why every day I struggle to part ways with the night.Some might say I am too comfortable in the embrace of the dark.I stay up to share secrets with the moon and stars.They have been intimate friends of mine for such a long time,Always I can counton their daily companionship.


I still remember that night and the way that you made me feel.The words that were said cannot be unspoken.You broke something within me when their sound hit my ears, and their sting reached my heart.Now they are a toxin inside of me, making me sick as I succumb to it.My body writhes in resistance trying to force it back out.Like…

Formerly Self Medicated

Used to self-medicate but those days are long pastGot rid of the habitBut addiction dies hardAddicted  to the pastto the painto the highThe craves don’t dissipateStill learning to cope By subtracting the hazeTrying so hard to live down a whole slew of mistakesA life up smoke like the herb I would blazeA few tabs on my tongueLost almost whole daysI…

Summer Bird

Summer birdI heard you flew northThat these days you stay where the old birds soar from when their bones get frail and their feathers turn gray.Never again may I see your face.Nor get out from within what I’ve wondered since not long after you went away. Always you were my keeper of secretsI should’ve known you kept some of your own.